Dalam perkuliahan ini dibahas diagnostic sort of test: word power dan derivatives: open mode of approach; paraphrasing: tips dan penggunaannnya; passive and active voice: 12 tenses dan 4 If Clause dengan type (1 real dan 2 unreal); passive vocabulary: keyword approach dan related words approach; Error Correction/Recognition (TEFL-like); Writing 1: Topic sentence/thesis statement, supporting details; Informing, Persuading, Entertaining, Inspiring dan Motivation; Semantic Structuresn incorporating grammatical foci; Techniques and Tips to keep conversation going: role playing; Writing 2: answering questions; Writing 3: passage reteling; Speaking skill: techniques and skills (asking to expand a point, clarifying, dan closing); Wrap-up: what has been learned; recheaking; dan open comments on overall performance (feedback)